hand applying natural finish with trowel
walls and ceiling join


Tracy Thieriot started Tactile Plastering in 2005 after working in natural building, plastering and interior design for eight years. Tactile Plastering focuses on interior and exterior earthen and lime plasters and paint, including consultation, design and installation of thick walled plasters, aliz, clay paints, Tadalakt and more. In addition to Tactile Plastering she also runs Ochres and Oxides, a wholesale supplier of pigments, tools and other ingredients for natural plasters.

Besides working on projects, Tactile Plastering has taught or presented on the topic of earthen plasters at multiple workshops and conferences, most recently at CASBA's (the California Straw Building Association) annual Spring gathering.  Projects have included plaster design, installation and artwork in new frame construction, conventional renovations, new straw bale construction, and renovation of existing straw bale buildings. Projects have taken place in single-family residencies, multiple family residencies, wineries, a day spa, and a multi use space for the Episcopalian church. All of the projects have included client-driven design collaboration and we have been blessed with incredibly loving clients.

The main materials used are clay plasters and paints, site soil derived plasters and paints and Natural Hydraulic lime plasters. All clay and earthen paints and plasters have been created and tested in the studio.

Tactile Plastering has collaborated with many fantastic people including Mary Golden of Gaitecture, Janine Bjornson of Clay, Bones and Stones, and Architect Bob Theis. We are fortunate in California to have incredible information and organizational resources. Tracy has been involved with CASBA and New College's Eco Dwelling program.

This description is part of a longer article in the March 2008 issue of The Last Straw about Tracy and her development as a natural builder. Click here to read the entire article.