hand applying natural finish with trowel
hand made temple

Surface Finishes

For centuries, master craftspeople throughout the world have lovingly applied fine plasters and paints. Italy is renowned for its seductive Venetian lime plasters and inspiring frescoes. Morocco's vibrant colors are seen in the high luster of its vernacular Tadalakt plaster. Structures in the American southwest contain walls coated with natural clay paints and plasters the color of the high desert landscape. These are the finishes of our history and our future.

Through research, experimentation, and collaboration with artisans from around the world, Tactile Plastering has been able to recreate and improve upon earthen plasters and paints. We specialize in site soil and clay plasters, and have created many alluring finishes using a variety of materials and techniques. We can create any look for any location, regardless of the building style or construction method. What we can achieve is only limited by one's imagination.

The Non-Toxic Advantage

Every building deserves a beautiful finish. But our finishes are more than beautiful. They are natural and non-toxic, and help to maintain healthy indoor air quality, with none of the harmful chemicals you encounter in conventional materials.

What benefits your interior environment benefits the exterior one as well. Many of the materials we use are sourced locally and produced with minimal impact to the environment, reducing carbon emissions that result from transporting materials over long distances. When the job is over, the majority of excess materials can be composted in your garden and construction waste is reused or recycled. From start to finish, our products and process respect the environment and support sustainability.

Craftspeople Who Care

At the heart of our finishes are the hands of the artisans. Committed to their craft, our team of artists brings great care and ingenuity to their work. The result is unsurpassed in both quality and creativity.