hand applying natural finish with trowel

Surface Finishes: Materials

Great Ingredients

We work exclusively with high-quality, non-toxic materials processed with minimal environmental impact. The materials are enjoyable to work with and wonderful to live with, and they improve indoor air quality. Our plasters are made with clay, lime, sand, pigments, and natural binders. Non-toxic sealers can be applied to the surface of plasters if needed. We also specialize in using site soils and native earth whenever possible.

Clay Plasters and Paints

All of our clay plasters and paints are custom made to fit each project's needs. We have been making all of our clay plasters and paints for over eight years originally using traditional methods from the Southwest. We are familiar with most commercially produced clay paints and plasters, which we are happy to incorporate into a project if a client requests it.

Lime Plasters and Paints

We use a variety of lime plaster and paint materials from hand-slaked lime to Transmineral's Natural Hydraulic lime to Olivetti's lime paints. Through these and many other sources we can create a variety of wall effects that evoke the old world or create the new. We are particularly entranced with Tadelakt, a traditional Morrocan vernacular plaster. Upon your first touch we are sure you will be too.


In certain circumstances, or at your request, a plaster may need to be sealed. Taking our cues from nature, we use materials best suited for this purpose: waxes, oils, soaps, and glues. When called for, we turn to our colleagues' products, also created from pure, non-toxic materials.