hand applying natural finish with trowel

Surface Finishes: Process

Getting Started

We start with a conversation. Maybe you have a clear vision; maybe you have no ideas at all. Browse the portfolio. Visit our studio and look at some samples. Or we can arrange a tour of completed projects to give you a feel for what is possible.

What inspires you? Maybe a photograph has caught your eye or a stone from your last vacation. We will narrow down options by uncovering the way you want to feel in your environment and studying the characteristics of your space. What is its style of design? How does light move through it? What are its intended uses? These questions, and your answers, will guide us to select the best finishes for your space.

Once color and texture are chosen, we will create customized samples for you to review and if needed, with your feedback we further refine the samples before moving on to the installation phase.


We take pride in keeping a close eye on the details. Diligent planning before our team arrives on site ensures an efficient and successful installation.

Throughout the installation our team of skilled craftspeople go the extra mile. We take extra care to protect personal belongings and other contractor's work as well as keeping the site clean and minimizing waste.

You are welcome to be as involved as you would like, or to sit back and relax as you watch your ideas take form. For these reasons and more we are known for our quality service and high client satisfaction.

Project Wrap

We are committed to leaving your space better than we found it, with no trace of our visit except your newly finished walls.

Together, we review the space to make sure the job was completed to your satisfaction. We discuss features and maintenance to ensure your finish's long-lasting performance and beauty. And we are always available for any future questions you may have.